Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Short Little Update

Here goes, I'm just gonna talk about my life reading/non reading for a little while, because every once in a while I miss blogging.

I'm finishing my senior year- one week left of finals and then I'm done. Graduation is in 2 weeks! I'm enrolling in college at Oregon State University this fall (go Beavers!), I'm majoring in pre-med, and other than that, I have no plans! I am so excited to start a new chapter of my life.

The last book I read was the Kite Runner by  Khaled Hosseini... it was really good, a little slow, but powerful. I read it because my English teacher said it was her all time favorite book. It's not one of my all time favorites, but I liked it a lot. (4/5 stars).

I read so much "classic" literature in the past school year in my English class- it took up most of my pleasure reading time, but I enjoyed having these titles under my belt. I read Fahrenheit 451, Things Fall Apart, Lord of the Flies, Crime and Punishment, The Stranger, The Poisonwood Bible, Night, Hamlet, Man's Search for Meaning, and probably a few others that I don't remember. Some I liked more than others. My favorite was The Poisonwood Bible because it was just fantastic, but I also really liked Crime and Punishment just because I can say I've read it, not so much because I enjoyed it. :)

I read a few books for fun- one in paticular was called "The Girl She Used to Be by David Cristofono. 5/5 stars, I loved it! It was about a girl in Witness Protection because she was wanted by the Mafia for witnessing a murder, the Mafia that had also killed her parents.

As I reported on earlier, I read Inheritance, a series which I love although the ending was bittersweet. I also read the sequel to Nightshade, entitled Wolfsbane- it was as awesome as the original. I bought the third one Bloodrose but I haven't read it yet. I also read a Jodi Picoult book titled The Tenth Circle- it was also very fantastic and I absolutely loved it- 5/5.

I discovered the show How I Met Your Mother and I haven't really gotten any reading or writing done since... haha. But seriously, it's the best show ever. Or Scrubs. That's a good one too. I'm currently watching Parks and Recreation since I finished all the episodes of the aforementioned shows. It's decent... but not HIMYM. I could probably start a TV blog with all the TV I've been watching. Actually, writing this post makes me realize I now watch TV (or play Skyrim...) in the time I used to read. Thankfully I know that's only a phase and I'll get back into reading soon, especially when I go to college.

My writing life has all but disappeared. I said I would do NaNoWriMo in December... I did write some, which is great, but nowhere near what I did the year before. I was consumed with college applications at the time and had to let my writing go for a little while. I still have awesome ideas that I open every once in a while. I hope someday when I'm a money making doctor I'll actually get something published (ha).  But seriously, I would love to be a writer, and it was a tough decision deciding not to just go major in English, but I know I'll keep writing because I love it. I have a bunch of awesome story ideas and I will write them down someday. I'm currently doing this re-telling of Sense and Sensibilty in High School that I love because Elinor Dashwood is one of my favorite characters ever written and Marianne reminds me exactly of my sister. We'll see how that one turns out.

Thanks for reading, or not reading. But it felt good for me to update this with all my life's boring details. :)

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