Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 Days of Halloween and Spooktacular Blog Hop Winners!

I know these contests all ended last week, and I apologize for not selecting winners earlier! But now they've all been selected and emails have been sent.

The 2 winners of the Kick-Off giveaway are:

April X (entry #78)
Reading Lassie (entry #156)

The winner of Infinite Days is:

Rani (entry #385)

The winner of Rot & Ruin is:

Kathryn (entry #107)

The winner of Halo (Spooktacular Blog Hop) is:

Carol G. (entry #133)

Congrats to all the winners! I appreciate everyone who entered. I was blown away by the number of entries I had for some of the giveaways and gained over 100 new followers. Thank you so much!!!

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Thanks for the comments! I read every single one and try to reply, either on your blog or another comment! They make my day!

As of 1/17/11, Book Infinity is an awards-free blog. My schedule is busy as could be, and I don't have time to follow all the rules to pass them on. But I really do appreciate the thought, thanks so much for thinking about me!