Sunday, November 7, 2010

In My Mailbox (11)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by the awesome Kristi, also known as The Story Siren, to give book bloggers opportunities to share books they've recieved.

I haven't done a IMM post for two weeks, but the actual amount of books I've gotten isn't a lot. But here they are anyway. These are all from the local public library!

The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum

This is the first of a series I've heard good things about, so I'm excited to check it out!

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

The description just sounds fantastic! Confusing and complex, yes, but still a great fantasy story I hope. Not to mention, it has a cool cover.

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

I've had a hold on this at the library for awhile and I was so excited when it finally came in! I hope this book is as good as I expect.

The Line by Teri Hall

This is my second time checking this out from the library. I got never got around to reading it the first time (I tend to do that a lot, don't I?). But it looks like a good story and it's futuristic.

As I already said, all of these books are from the library.

Week In Review

Reviews I Posted:

Currently Reading:

  • The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
  • The Line by Teri Hall

Reviews Coming Soon:

  • Halo by Alexandra Adornetto (I promise I will try to find time to review this very soon!)

NaNoWriMo progress update: Currently, I am at 10, 265 words. (That's 1/5 of the way done!) I haven't written anything today though, so I'll have more by the end of the day. I'm pretty happy with myself so far. I don't know if I've ever written this much in one book before giving up on it. I know that's a bit sad since in all reality it's not really that much. :)

Happy Reading and good luck to others participating in National Novel Writing Month!



  1. Oh my gosh, all of these books are on my wish list! Especially The Replacement! Hope you enjoy them!

  2. Hi! This looks great! I've heard good things about The Line. Hope you like it! I had a MG novel IMM this week Thanks!

  3. You got some awesome books! Enjoy!

  4. I love The Replacement and Incarceron-- looking forward to reading your review of The Line. Happy Reading! :)

  5. I also tend to check things out and not get around to reading it lol...even after I renew them. Not enough time in my day! Enjoy your books! Mine are here:

  6. The Replacement looks awesome! I hope you enjoy all your awesome books you got this week :)

  7. Brilliant books! I really enjoyed THD and Hunger...enjoy! :)

  8. Great books! I liked The Replacement and have seen The Hourglass Door often around the blogosphere. Hope you enjoy them all!

  9. I've heard some good things about The Replacement - hope you enjoy!

  10. Happy reading and have a great rest of the weekend!
    here is mine


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