Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reality (it's great)

Hi, everyone, anyone...

Out of the blue, I got a book in the mail today, and it reminded me that I have a blog.

I got on my blog today and couldn't believe I haven't posted since July. I remember putting those posts up... they don't seem like that long ago! Surely it wasn't 3 months ago?

But the date of that last post- July 8th- was right before a major changing point in my life. I started working 40+ hours a week and I started thinking about college, plus I went on a few vacations... pretty much the pacing of my life changed for real.

You see, I've abandoned my blog before, either for a couple of weeks or months, but I've always thought out it, thought about reading, thought about how I need to get back.

I forgot I have a blog. But I read some great stuff- I read Divergent by Veronica Roth back in July. (And I never even posted about Divergent! It was easily my favorite book of 2011!) I also just finished City of Fallen Angels a few weeks ago- it was also full of awesomeness.

I haven't been writing which makes me sad. Along with my remembrance of blogging I also remembered that National Novel Writing Month is coming up this November! My previous goal had been to finish all my college applications by November 1st, just to get them done with (which is also, coincidentally, my birthday). Now, that is still my goal, but it is so I can have the month of Nov. to get back into writing! I'm really excited for this year, although I didn't win last year (I got to 30,000 words in my novel), I'm hoping for at least a little better this year.

Reality is so much fun when you fully embrace it. Although I wholeheartedly love blogging and love the year I spent doing it, forgetting about my blog was blissful as well. Maybe in November, when college stuff is done, I'll put up a few reviews. (Which would require me to start READING again, haha).

ttyl... hopefully :)

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