Friday, November 25, 2011

Book Review: Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

I'd be very surprised if I still have people reading this blog, it's been so long since I posted. Anyway... I thought this book was worthy of posting about! FYI when I do post, my posts will be a lot less informal without all the links and stuff that used to take me hours. I don't really have the time or want to put in the energy!

A few months ago I posted a general review on Books 1-3 in the Inheritance Series, you can find it here if you're interested in my background going into this book.

I finished Inheritance! I remember when I read Eragon in Elementary school. I can hardly believe these books have been with me all these years, and the last one came out when I was a senior in high school. I guess that means I haven't changed all that much since I still like them just as much. I know a lot of people say that with Harry Potter, but that was a series I never picked up until 2 years ago, so I can't say I grew up with Harry. I did "grow up" through elem/middle/high school with Eragon though.

My one aim in reading this book was to figure out who that green dragon was on the cover. Obviously the 3rd egg would hatch, and the whole book I was waiting for it to happen. It's not really a spoiler to say that it finally did, but I won't say to who. I will say that I am satisfied with it although I think it could've been better.

The ending was great and terrible at the same time. It reminded me a lot of Lord of the Rings (they get in a ship and sail away into who-knows-where...). I would love to discuss it somewhere else as to not give away spoilers here!

If you like the series at all, read this book. If you're a romance lover or a quick read lover or you hated the other books in the series... I would not recommend this to you. For a fan of the series, it was a terrific book that had me glued to it until the very last page. The first half of the book took me a little over a week, then the second half of the book took me 2 days because I was so into the book.

Now, I have about 50 friends who asked me to borrow it. I have a feeling I won't get this book back for while ;p


  1. Hey I don't know if your still looking for new stuff to read but I'm currently engrossed in a series called the Malazan books of the fallen by Steven Erikson. It's a HUGE series(10 books) and can move kinda slow at times but it creates an amazing world that has very in depth cultures. Judging by the way you talk about your schedule you won't have tIme to read it but it's an awesome fantasy series and since you love fantasy too I thought i'd let ya know about it.

  2. I'm ALWAYS looking for new books to read! Even though I hardly have time to read it's true, but I can make time for a good book. Thanks for the suggestion I'll look it up!


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