Saturday, July 31, 2010

Giving Out a Blogger Award!

As I already mentinoed in a previous post, Amelia at The Authoress awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! But I also recieved it a second time from Danielle at Every Last Page! Thanks to both of you!
I figured since I've won this twice, it's about time I give it out to some other lovely bloggers. :D

How this award works: Share seven things about yourself. Pass this this award along to 15 other blogs. It can be awarded for any reason.

So, here's my seven things:

1. My dream job is to be either an author or a movie director and I've done both on a very amateur scale. :)

2. I'm going to be a junior in high school next year, even though I'm supposed to only be a sophomore because I skipped a grade.

3. Music is one of my passions. I've played piano for ten years and I sing too, even though I'm not as good at singing (at least in my opinion...).

4. I have a knack for discovering ultra popular books before they become popular (maybe a lot of us bloggers do!). I read both Twilight and The Hunger Games when they were first released, before anyone had heard of them they were some of my favorite books!

5. Speaking of The Hunger Games, I feel like I'm one of the only book bloggers who is Team Gale! (Someone else give a shout out if you are!)

6. I love graphic design even though I'm terrible at it...but I guess I managed to do a decent job with my layout. :P
7. I'm terribly self concious and whenever I'm with people I try to blend in and stand out (in a good way) at the same time. It's my major flaw and gets me nowhere.

So those are 7 semi-personal things about me! I'm awarding this award to 15 other blogs. I'd love to hear what you have to say! I'm listing their blog name and 1 (or more) reasons why I like their blog. A lot of these people I just discovered from the hop yesterday, so they're new to me too but I already enjoy reading their posts! (I tried not to give this out to people who have already won it, but if you have, well, it's now double the love! :D)

1. A Teen Bookie- I happened to notice we liked just about all the same books when we were younger! And she's got a really pretty background.

2. End of Story, Next Book- She's currently reading a Pretty Little Liars book, which pretty much rocks! (I'm reading the first one, yes I know I'm reading 3 books at once i do that too often :P)

3. Epic Book Nerd- Currently hosting a sweet giveaway to celebrate 25 followers! Head over there and check it out!

4. With A Good Book- For hosting an awesome 100 followers giveaway and book club discussions too- go join them I'm going to!

5. Elena's Book Cafe- Also reading Pretty Little Liars! Plus her background is really cute.

6. Misadventures of a Teenage Bookworm- Well, she picked Cassandra Clare and Lauren Oliver as two of her new favorite authors, and you just can't go wrong with those two awesome authors! (Even if she is Team Peeta...haha just kidding!)

7. One Book At A Time- A very pretty background, plus recently a cool post on a few awesome new YA book covers that I hadn't seen yet!

8. Read It, See It- A great blog and we share a lot of taste of favorite authors (even though I haven't read the Vampire Academy yet but I'm planning to!).

9. After The Fall- Her post about the best villians ever is SO GOOD! Go read it, seriously!

10. Three Cheers for Literacy!- Really cool header and some great reviews! (And I love Coraline!)

11. From My Nightstand- She has an awesome blog design, and just signed up for the Debut Author Challenge, which I just started too! We can do it!

12. That Bookish Girl- Well, I just won her contest, so I'd say she has one AMAZING blog!

13. The Book Buzzer- We've read a lot of the same books! And I love her background. :D

I'm going to leave it at that...lucky number 13! Haha! Comment and let me know if you got the award!


  1. I am team Gale!! I don't really like Peeta very much...hes so nice blah blah blah. :)

  2. Hahaha; thanks! This is actually the fifth time I've gotten this one; I guess I'm SUPER versatile!

  3. Thanks so much for this award!! I'll have to do this post soon and pass it on :)

  4. Danielle: Yay! Another Team Gale! I agree about Peeta :)

    tabatespian: Wow, yeah, you are very versatile! (or just a super nice person!)

    Meg: You're very welcome. :D

  5. I'm Team Gale as well!! I know how you feel, I think we are all definitely in the minority. I agree with Danielle, Peeta is boring to me. And Gale has arrows, and stuff. Hot.

    Thank you so much for this award :) You are awesome, and I'm so glad you liked my post!!

  6. Okay, so, I may have bent the rules of the Versatile Blogging thing, BUT: I gave one back to you. :) I hope that's alright, because I really do think your blog is awesome.




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