Friday, August 20, 2010

HG Week: Mockingjay Fan-Made Videos

Mockingjay releases in 2 days! Wow! I can't wait! I've been a bit behind on my Hunger Games posts because I'm doing a 100 followers contest! (If you haven't entered yet, click here!)

Today, I wanted to share a view videos I found on YouTube and I thought they were pretty sweet!

The first one is a Mockingjay trailer. I liked the video, then was super excited when I realized the girl who plays Katniss in the video is Kaya Scodelario. (If you didn't see my earlier post, I think she looks like the perfect Katniss! Even though in this video I think she has too much eyeliner.)

This video actually pertains the the first book in the series, but basically, it's a preview for the Hunger Games from the Capitol's point of view, so a lot of the names/ages of the tributes are made up, but it's still a really cool video!

If I find more videos, I'll share them later, but I really liked these two!

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