Thursday, August 5, 2010

On Vacation!

Hey everyone, just letting you know I'm on vacation from now until August 14th!

I know what you're thinking, another vacation break for her! Fortunately, I know how to time posts now, so you'll still see a few updates, but if I'm not responding to comments or emails, that's why. There also won’t be all of my regular memes, such as It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? (though I will post a Waiting On Wednesday).

I'm going to be camping with NO INTERNET for a week and a half! I leave Thursday morning for one trip, then I get back Saturday night and leave again for another trip Sunday afternoon, through the next Saturday evening. So, if you were following all that, you'll notice I have a gap I'll actually BE HOME (super happy about that :)) for a time gap between Saturday and Sunday. I will be posting an In My Mailbox post Saturday evening! And I'll be checking emails, replying, etc. But after that, it's no more contact with the online world until Saturday August 14th. Sorry if I'm not replying or anything!

Have a great end of summer everyone! Enjoy the vacations while you can!


  1. Have a great vacation, Ava!

  2. One person can never take too many vacations. ;) Hope you have an incredible time!

  3. Enjoy your vacation (and break from internet)!

  4. Have fun! I love camping

  5. Oooh! No Internet---I don't know if I could do it! Have a good time!


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