Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some Wicked Sweet Contests Going On...

There's a lot of new long awaited books being released right now, and there's also a lot of exciting contests happening where you can win some great books! These are just a few I'm entering that have some awesome prizes, so I'm spreading the word!

Literary Cravings: Torment and Ascendent ARC giveaway ends 10/6

Down the Rabbit Hole: 100+ Followers Giveaway ends 10/8

Awakened Giveaway from Ednah Walters ends 9/30

Shut Up! I'm Reading!: A Contest of Epic Proportions! ends 10/17

Carol's Prints: Speak and The Mockingbirds ends 9/26

Lost For Words Birthday Giveaway ends 10/8

And at Princess Bookie, there's not only one contest going on, but a Contest Craze! Check it out here. Ends 10/10.

So go enter these awesome contests and happy reading!


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