Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blue Bloods Series Fantasy Cast

If you haven't heard me talk about it yet, Blue Bloods is the latest series I'm obsessed with. While reading, I've had actors in my head for a lot of the main characters, so I've created a fantasy cast for the Blue Bloods Series by Melissa de la Cruz. Check back later this week for a giveaway of one of the books in the series!
I'm only on the 3rd Blue Bloods book, so my cast won't include any characters introduced afterwards (if there even are any). Please don't mention anything spoiler-y about the characters in the comments!

Schulyer Van Alen- the outcast who's suddenly thrust into the spotlight in the vampire world. Pretty, but in a natural, not a flashly way like Mimi. Played by...

Dakota Fanning. I think she would be absolutely perfect if she dyed her hair darker. Plus, she actually looks 15, like Schuyler is. She has the right look of fragileness combined with smarts, and she's a fantastic actress.

Bliss Llewellyn- the beautiful new girl. Curly red hair, tall, and gorgeous. Played by...

Rachel Hurd-Wood. I don't know if she's perfect, but she's the only one that came to my mind. She's pretty, and has the long curly red hair going (It's not curly in this picture, but is in others). As a bonus, she's only 20 years old.

Jack Force- very handsome, but also wise. The vampire twin, or soulmate, of Mimi, though he is starting to fall in love with Schulyer instead. Played by...

Chad Michael Murray. I know he's too old, but this is a fantasy cast, right? I couldn't get him out of my head for Jack throughout the whole book. I just think he's perfect.

Oliver Hazard-Perry -the human best friend of Schuyler. Ordinary looking. Played by...

Jamie Bell. He looks a little too old, but I just love him, and once again, it's a fantasy cast! His hair in this picture reminds me of Oliver for some reason. This pick I'm least solid on though- if you have any other Oliver suggestions let me know! I was having a hard time finding anyone who looked like Oliver in my mind.

Mimi Force- the blonde, beautiful, controlling and manipulative, ultra rich girl who always wears the latest fashions and shuns those that don't. Jack's vampire twin, or soulmate. Same blonde hair as him. Played by...

Alyson Michalka. I think a lot of actresses could play Mimi, but I like Alyson because she looks like that girl that has everything. And I could see her with Chad Michael Murray looking like a stunning couple.

Dylan Ward- the Blue Blood who was mysteriously transformed by the Silver Bloods... also Bliss's crush/love. Played by...

Justin Chatwin. I don't really like Dylan's character, I find him dull, but I find Bliss pretty dull too. But Justin is spot on to how I imagined Dylan.

Kingsley Martin- poses as a high schooler, but is actually a bit older. Very good looking and mysterious. We're unclear whose side he's really on... (at least at the point in the book where I'm at!) Played by...

Zac Efron. From the second Kingsley was introduced I had Zac in my head, and the more I read the more perfect I realized he was. He's got the good looks, he's the perfect age, and I think he'd play the mysterious hot guy really well. :)

What do you think about my picks? Do you have any of your own suggestions to add?


  1. Great cast! I haven't read the books, but Rachel Hurd-Wood is one of my favourite actresses :)

  2. I agree with Dakota Fanning as Schuyler. She just needs her hair darker and she's perfect!

  3. ohmg yu have jamie bell!!! I was thinking he was dylan ward but for oliver even better!! And Dylan ward as justin chatwin!! Woohooo!! I love them both especially in the chumscrubber!!


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