Monday, January 10, 2011

Giveaway Hop/Create-A-Sequel Winners

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the Giveaway Hop giveaway! I had a ton of entries, and ended up breaking 400 followers! I can't believe I have that many. I will have a HUGE giveaway event planned for when I get 500 followers, though that may be in a while.

The winner for the Reading Resolutions Giveaway Hop is:

Kailia Sage

I also had another fun challenge going on, called the "Create-A-Sequel" Challenge, where you had a come up with a simple sequel idea to be entered for a giveaway. Though I didn't have as many entries as the previous giveaway, it was a lot of fun to read what answers people gave. Due to the fact that they almost certainly contain spoilers for any book you choose to write about, I decided I won't be posting the results.

The randomly chosen winner of the Create-A-Sequel Challenge is:


Thank you all for entering/following on twitter/friending on Goodreads! I really appreciate it and happy reading!

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  1. Hey! You've won the Stylish Blogger and Versatile Blogger award! You can find the post at my blog (for some reason it's not letting me paste the url in).


Thanks for the comments! I read every single one and try to reply, either on your blog or another comment! They make my day!

As of 1/17/11, Book Infinity is an awards-free blog. My schedule is busy as could be, and I don't have time to follow all the rules to pass them on. But I really do appreciate the thought, thanks so much for thinking about me!