Monday, February 14, 2011

A General Post on Book Reviews...

Happy Valentines day... though this is probably my least-favorite Holiday (not that I hate it, there is chocolate involved!), but still don't expect me to post something too happy today. I've been wanting to post this post for awhile, and decided to do it day since I didn't have much else today, and it is a Holiday so I need something special. ;)

I apologize in advance if this post is boring, because it probably will be. But I want to post a few of my thoughts because I feel like I should say them somewhere. I guess I'm just explaining a few of the thoughts that have been going through my head about this blog...

I'm not a very "well known" blogger, I guess I would say. And I've only been blogging for about 8 months (and it does not feel like that long!), so that's understandable. So I don't come across a bunch of stuff that I think other more well known bloggers have to deal with (aka animosity towards things they post or their reviews, etc.) This doesn't really concern me right now, which is great.

But I still have a little issue. And here's where I might just be complaining a bit, so feel free not to listen. Most blogs I read (and love) are constantly reviewing ARC's or freshly released books. In turn, they get a lot of followers and commenters, and their blogs are very appreciated. People enjoy reading reviews on new releases.

I don't blog just to get followers and commenters, but seeing comments on my book reviews kind of makes me feel like putting the time I put into my blog is worth it. Book reviews are the most important thing I post on this blog, that's my sole object as a book blog is to review books and share the opinions I'm abounding with after I finish a book.

I don't get ARC's from publishers very often (I've recieved I think a total of 3, ever), but this doesn't bother me because I have a wonderful local library system that has just about every book you could ever want. I get 90% of the books I read from the library, and I have no problem with this. I love my local library, and usually go there at least 2 times a week.

As a result, I tend to read a lot of on the shelf books that have been out for awhile. (I just read Something, Maybe and Ink Exchange, which are both older books.) I love spreading the word about good books that aren't neccesarily new releases. (Though I review new releases as well!) I also love it when I see other bloggers who review older titles. I've just noticed those reviews don't get as many comments/views and such.

The shelf life of a book has absolutely no relation to it's awesomeness as a book. It seems really obvious, but I hope people don't forget it. ARC and new releases are great- in no way am I dissing them and people that review them all the time. I still love to get new releases and advanced copies just as much as the next person. I like my blog to have variety- new releases and older releases.

I feel like I might be saying this just because I don't have a lot of access to ARC's and money to buy new releases. Maybe that's the truth... I guess I rarely email publishers for ARC's because I feel guilty when I know I have a huge resource of books at my local library that are completely free and that I know I will enjoy just as much. But I'm not complaining that I don't get ARC's often. I'm completely okay with that, as I hope you've realized from what I just said.

On a sort of different note, I also updated my Review Policy. I mainly added stuff surrounding the fact that I read for PLEASURE. Recently, I've started to think reading is becoming like a chore sometimes. (I have to read now, because I have to get this book review up by Monday... blah, blah...). I hate this feeling because it makes reading a lot less fun. Sometimes I think I enjoyed reading more before I started blogging. In an attempt to go back to that enjoyable feeling, I'm going to stop forcing myself to read books I'm genuinely not interested in. Now, I'm only taking review requests for books I think I'll like, and I'm not guarenteeing that I will finish and review the book if I don't like it. (Authors and publishers- don't let this stop you from sending me your review request though! I still accept a large majority of the requests I recieve, and usually end up enjoying them immensely.)

I love reading and reviewing books. It's a lot of fun and makes the whole deal worthwhile when people read my reviews and share their thoughts. It's why I started this blog in the first place and why I continue. That's the most important thing here, really, I think.

I understand if that was completely boring, or if you didn't read that whole thing, or if you completely bypassed this post altogether. But I feel better after having said a few of my thoughts. Please don't take offense if you're a blogger who reviews a lot of ARC's. I completely understand that a lot of people get them without even asking, or even if you do ask for them, I'm not saying that's wrong. (I do it sometimes, too.) I'm kind of just wondering if people appreciate the older books, too.



  1. I occasionally review ARCs, but the majority of books I review are ones I've bought or borrowed from the library. I think we should read what we like and what we're in the mood for - and sometimes that's an older book! So I say keep on doing what you're doing. Old books need love too! And so do libraries. :)

  2. Most of the ARCs I am reviewing these days are online at - if you are willing to read on the computer or an e-reader it's a great way to review new books and is free for bloggers to sign up... and a great way to get introduced to publishers.

    I'd check them out if you are interested.

  3. Something to look forward to....Desires of the Dead!! Happy Tuesday :0)

  4. Super: Yeah, that was pretty much the point I was trying to make! :)

    Heather: Thanks for the suggestion, I actually do have a Netgalley account, I just don't read e-books too much, but it is a great site!

    Cieslik Family: Yes I am SO excited for that book!

  5. Read and review what you want to Ava. That's what makes your blog unique. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

    I don't get a lot of ARCs either. I've seen two IRL. Most of my books come from Netgalley or PDF files that authors send me.

  6. @Joy: Thanks, seriously. That's really true.

  7. I personally love reading older books and reviews of older books. So long as it's a genre or a premise that I find interesting, I don't care if it's 1 month old or 10 years old.

  8. Amen to this post! I like to review whatever happens to be on my radar at the moment, which more often than not ends up not being the current releases. Plus, I think older books deserve just as much attention! And I don't always like seeing 500 reviews for the same just-released book on my Google reader.

    Keep up what you're doing--yours is one of my favorite blogs to visit! :)

  9. @JessiKay89: That means so much to me! :D Thank you for the compliment!

  10. I wanted to let you know after re-reading this again today; that I ONLY follow 2 blogs yours being one of them. I think going back and doing some older books is great! Some of us do not have accesses to all the newer books and this gives us the opportunity to still read good books. Thanks :0) KEEP blogging.


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