Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extra Entries: Rot & Ruin Giveaway

I currently have a giveaway going on for a signed copy of Rot & Ruin. (See original post here.)

I originally created a simple entry form, but afterwards I decided I wanted to create ways for readers to gain extra entries as I did with the Infinite Days giveaway.

So, READ CAREFULLY- You can fill out this part if you want extra entries in the Rot & Ruin Giveaway. (This is ONLY for that paticular giveaway). If you've already entered in my other form, feel free to enter this one as well. If you haven't entered the other one yet, you're also allowed to fill ONLY this one, and you will still be counted the same as other people.

I hope I made that clear. It you have questions ask me in the comments.


  1. A special award for you


  2. Crossing my fingers! If you choose me it will make all my Halloween dreams come true!! LOL!


Thanks for the comments! I read every single one and try to reply, either on your blog or another comment! They make my day!

As of 1/17/11, Book Infinity is an awards-free blog. My schedule is busy as could be, and I don't have time to follow all the rules to pass them on. But I really do appreciate the thought, thanks so much for thinking about me!