Friday, October 1, 2010

10 Days of Halloween Celebration!

The 10 Days of Halloween Celebration will be co-hosted right here at Book Infinity! My friend Elena of Elena's Book Cafe is also helping me out with this awesomely fun event.

For ten days in October, 22-31, I will be posting about a variety of things related to the celebration. There will be author interviews, guest posts, and best of all, GIVEAWAYS! I've been gathering a lot of awesome material, so be prepared to win some cool stuff.

I'm looking for other bloggers to write guest posts about anything related to Halloween or Fall. It can be favorite childhood stories or memories, or perhaps even a book recommendation that has to do with Halloween. I think it would be really neat to get some other people writing things on my blog just for some variety!

If you are interested in writing a guest post, please let me know! Email me avacyphera [at] yahoo [dot] com. Don't be afraid to submit something, I am asking for anything!

Thank you in advance for participating and I hope you're all looking forward to it!

Also, I'm adding the button above to my sidebar. Feel free to add it to yours, in the future it will give you additional entries in contests! Though, the contests won't actually start until the 22nd when the event kicks off.


  1. Hey there! I've given your blog an award! Please pick it up HERE :D

    I didn't see anything on your blog saying that you dont accept awards, but if I missed it I am terribly sorry!

  2. Added your button sounds like a great event!

  3. I added your button to my website: I've been reading spooky books all October and have discovered some great indie authors. Love to share a review, recommendation or contest during the 10 days of Halloween.

    @bitsyblingbooks (Twitters)


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